All the government numbers failing to provide protection to the girls in Patna

All the government numbers failing to provide protection to the girls in Patna

All the government numbers failing to provide protection to the girls in Patna

The city is so unknowable that the beach, auto, city where the mind comes, the girls get out of the house and no one speaks. Police-administration also continues to provide helpline numbers on paper only. Some daughters told Hindustan Smart this. When our team explores this complaint of daughters, then everything came true of them. The reporter became a troubled girl and called on the 6 helpline numbers of the police-administration, if anything got off, some put the phone by saying that it is not our responsibility, you talk in the police station. Read the truth of numbers like 100, 181, DM Helpline and Police Station for the protection of daughters.

Unmarried daughters in city buses
The day was 11:30. Reporter climbed from Dinkar jambalar bus to Danapur. If the reporter did not get the seat on the bus, then he too stood in the way like the other. There were more women standing around her. Next to Patna junction, some went to the main bus and stood behind the reporter. They repeatedly tried to touch the reporter’s shoulders and hands. Such a sentence was happening with every girl walking in the bus. When the reporter called the number 100 and 181 for the complaint of flirting, there was no call anywhere.

Truth of 181 numbers
The reporter of Hindustan Smart called the first woman helpline number 181 as a troubled girl. As soon as the phone began to sound cut-cut. In the … aa … aa..p, after that the voice became so bad that nothing was heard. Like the customer care, many options are given to complain on this number, but the complaint is not filed due to the voice not coming correctly.

Truth of the DM control room
Losing the reporter calls on the District Collector’s control room 06122219810. The phone is picked up but knowing the answer you get will surprise you-

Reporter: A boy is troubling in Sir Auto. We are touching again and again. Help something
Control room: Is there any bullying?

Reporter: Yes.
Control room: Where are you?

Reporter: We are in Auto, going towards Patna College.
Control room: Good … … you give number to Pirbhor police station. The police station also gives the number of in-charge … keep the man in front of you. Call 2677966. Before you call on the mobile number of the station in charge 9431822156.

Truth of number 100
Magadha Mahila College, Time: 12:55
Complaints of flirting on this day’s famous women’s college come in the city. There is also a 100 number dial booth for the protection of daughters. When the reporter wanted to call the number 100 from this booth, the phone was closed. Later, the reporter dual number 100 from the mobile phone, it kept repeating quite often.

Truth of the number of ssp
After not getting 100 and 181 numbers, the reporter calls the SSP’s public mobile number 9431822967 twice. Both did not pick up the phone and neither did the call come from there.

Police do not want to be helpful
Police … a different image emerges as soon as the name is heard. Illegal recovery, the stigma of partisan action, never goes away from them. The initiatives to change this thinking were made one year ago. The scheme of helpful police names started. The intention was that the police associated with the general public in such a way that their image changed. The public should also realize that the police is ours, for our service, for our safety. It was particularly important to add Slum population. This also benefited the police. It is also possible to have good image in a large population and consistent communication. These people also help the police to open all the cases.

What was to be helpful in police planning
Under the helpful police scheme, the level of police station was to work for social service. Distributing cloth, copy books, and food among the poor and needy were prominent in it. It was also decided that such an event does not require a large amount of money. Simply catch an organization or a social worker. They will make all the things available. Then the police gave the distribution to the poor in their surveillance from the police station. It started with Kotwali. DIG Central Range Rajesh Kumar had also launched it from Kotwali on March 14 last year. After success in Kotwali, it was asked to apply it to all the stations in Patna. But the plan got out of the quota only in Kotwali.
Helpful cabin junk: A few days after the start of the helpful police scheme, it was broken. In Kottwali, the booth was built for the purpose. Now there’s a junk pack.

Air strikes attempt to improve the image of the police
Knowledgeable experts say that the helpful police scheme that started last year itself is no longer on the ground. At the time when it started, there was definitely some work done Among the poor and needy, the DIG also distributed various types of goods. Children were given toys and food items. Together, a copy-book was also given. Women also got clothes with food and clothes. The police officials thought that with such initiatives, their network would be further strengthened in the neighborhood. This will help in improving criminals.

To bring back the lost credentials
DIG Central Range Rajesh Kumar’s plan was fantastic He believed that the loss of police will come back from such an event. Police will be able to win the trust of the general public. Such experiments are happening in all the states and are also successful. Therefore, work on this was also started in Patna.

The police are always ready to help. Helpful police is undergoing a plan and help is being done under this.



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