Ayushman Bharat card is not happening to the poor. Treatment is going on with private hospitals. Goods

Ayushman Bharat card is not happening to the poor. Treatment is going on with private hospitals. Goods

Ayushman Bharat card is not happening to the poor. Treatment is going on with private hospitals. Goods

Dainik Bhaskar has revealed about Ayushman Bharat card in which Privit Private Hospital has scamped the scam in collaboration with the Health Department employees. The National Health Insurance Scheme was launched in 2008 for BPL families. 43 private nursing homes in Vaishali were registered under the scheme. Many took money from 2015 to 2016, with the help of a fake card. Dashan Bhaskar is a copy of the register of hospitals, it seems to predict that the amount of scam will be around Rs 4 crore.

Third Party Administrator (TPA) and Nursing Home Operator in the entire game. Many of the hospitals which have done this scam have also applied for registration under the Ayushmann Bharat Scheme. There are some hospital short lists too. The final seal is yet to come.

This was the plan TPA was paid after treatment of NOC to the Nursing Home Operator:

Under the National Health Insurance Scheme, BPL families could get treatment up to Rs 30,000 in government and private nursing homes. For this, a smart card of people was made for a fee of 30 rupees, in which there was a photograph, name, address and thumb impression of a key member of the family. During the treatment, money was given in the hospital and every time Rs 100 was paid 10 times. After the operation, after the NOC of TPA, the money spent was sent to the government in the account of the nursing home operator.

Bhaskar has more than 100 fake cards, which have been withdrawn: withdrawal of money: In order to investigate the case, more than 100 cards were taken by Bhaskar, who, in the absence of non-operation, nursing home operators, together with TPA, cleared the money. . No picture, no address, no name or thumb marks on all these cards is true. Everything is fake.

This is the disclosure of the fake

5 fake names in a family: National Insurance was found to be working. TPA got the job of making the card a different company. TPA took a name from government data and added 5 fake names with one member of that family. All the fake cards which the nursing home made by the TPA gave them only.

Name anyone’s address: A fake card was created, the game to extract money from him On the card, hundreds of cards are made on the name of someone, name of anyone, the address of someone and one thumb. So that when the system is uploaded then it will be easy.

False from OT to Discharge Note: Patients were admitted on fake papers. The fake parts of the drug were made. After this, the Doctors made Ooty notes and discharge notes of fake patients. Based on these papers, Nursing homes justify their claim and withdraw money from government accounts.

50:50 The government money was distributed: The State Head of TPA Medi Assist had sent its personnel to the hospital whose bill had to be paid. When money came on the account there was a barrier. In the investigation of Bhaskar, there were many such names in the name of those who did not exist.

4 crore in one year only: In addition to government hospitals under National Health Insurance Scheme, 43 nursing homes were authorized in Vaishali. Most of these hospitals only made a fraudulent withdrawal of about Rs 4 crore in just one year.

Four Nursing Homes For Fraud: In the National Health Insurance Scheme, there was treatment for 30 thousand rupees in the National Health Insurance Scheme. Ayushman Bharat Scheme has a system of treatment of 5 lakhs. Those Nursing Homes have also applied for registration under Ayushman, who have made a fraud. 25 applications for private nursing home came, 4 are selected.

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