Bihar :does not give any bribe, no work-Tejaswi Yadav


Bihar :does not give any bribe, no work-Tejaswi Yadav

On Thursday in the Raily near Konand village of the block, former deputy chief minister T.Chakshi Yadav said that there is no work in Bihar without bribe. Tejasvi, along with the BJP, spent a lot of time on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Said that the prohibition was not for the injecting, but, to filling their pockets. The wine bottle which was found in 200 rupees is now available in 15 hundred. The police has tied up the hands. Do not let any work. Police work is to kill killer, rapist and thief. But, it has been placed in people’s mouth to smell. By stopping the sand, the poor kicked the stomach. The sand rate is skyrocketing. MahaGandhan’s candidate Ashok Kumar appealed to vote for Azad.

Tejasvi said that Laloo ji will get justice only when you will conquer the candidate of Mahagbandhan and bring the Lok Sabha. Here in the assembly of Arwal, Chakshy Yadav said that corruption in the state is at the extreme limit. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi have co-ordinated to avoid the creation scandal. Nitish Chacha and Sushil Modi will be in jail if there is a coalition government.


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