Father and son painful death due to getting Current in Bihar

Father and son painful death due to getting Current in Bihar

Father and son painful death due to getting Current in Bihar

On Friday, a farmer and his son, who went to farm the crop of maize, died in Purna village of Korma station area. The villagers got angry after 60-year-old Sahdev Mahato and his 21-year-old son Shravan Kumar got the information about the death. After this incident, villagers blocked the Sheikhpura-Ghatakusambh path near the village of Purna by placing the dead body of the father-son. The officers of the Rural Electricity Department were demanding an FIR and the compensation for the deceased.

On receiving the information of the jam, the police reached the spot to persuade the villagers, but the villagers remained on their demand. In the meantime, there was a huge jam on the road. The rows of vehicles were on both sides of the road. Many hours after the officer and power department officials did not arrive at the spot, the villagers stopped the vehicle from the Ghatakusubham to the Health Department coming towards Sheikhpura. In this obstacle, the glass of the vehicle was damaged, while the driver of the vehicle, Prince Rajkumar got hurt in the left hand. However, Sheikhpura BDO Manzil Manohar, CO Ravi Shankar Pandey, Jee Rajiv Kumar Singh, Deepika Verma, Amisha Sinha, the electricity department, who came later, faced the anger of the villagers. Officers looking at the resentment of the villagers kept them busy in any way. Shravan was married on May 15th.

Father in the grip of the time when adding tokaka in Transformers
Sahdev and Shravan had gone to Patan in the Gangaon Khandha at four o’clock in the morning. When they went to the farm, they saw that the line in the motor was not coming. Father’s son went to visit Toka, who was engaged in Transformers near Kehar Khandha of Dehkusumbh village. Tocca was hanging down there. When he began to add this wire, then Sahdev Mahato came in the grip of that string.

Son saved his father to save his father, he too
If Sahdev was in a hurry then he would have started agonizing there. The son standing next to Shravana went ahead to save the father. Rather than adopting any other way to save his father, he tried to get him out of the wire by holding his father. During this time he also got into the grip of current. The result was that both of them died on the spot.


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