Inhumanity : Unclaimed Dead bodies in Bihar do not have any Kaffan

Inhumanity Unclaimed Dead bodies in Bihar do not have any Kaffan

Inhumanity : Unclaimed Dead bodies in Bihar do not have any Kaffan

Explaining the lack of funds in Bihar, the last rites of unclaimed corpses are being done in a very inhuman manner. Unclaimed corpses in all the 38 districts of the state are not getting any help till the shroud. Government guidelines are being flown, but there is no one to monitor it. There is no one to see the untimely corpses between the hanging process between the health department and the police administration. Some corpses are collected and then all of them are settled together, and then they are shed in the Ganges or other rivers. Somewhere, on a heap of corpses, a gasoline sprinkle is set on fire.

According to the rules, every unclaimed body has to be kept safe for 72 hours. Only after this is his last rites. But there is no unauthorized arrangement for any untoward corpses in any Sadar, Referral and other hospitals of Bihar for 72 hours.

Less amount is given to the argument

Under the provisions of the provision of low amount in the disposal of the unclaimed corpses by the police administration. According to the police officials, the total expenditure comes to about six to seven thousand rupees, till the cremation of the body and cremation after the post-mortem, whereas the administration pays one to three thousand rupees for it. Two thousand in SKMCH of Muzaffarpur and Darbhanga Medical College and Patna Medical College Hospital, one thousand rupees were given and three thousand rupees per body were given in the medical college. The amount is paid through the Patient Welfare Committee for the disposal of the unclaimed corpses. In Madhubani district hospital, average 30 calories per month per month, in PMCH, per month. At the same time, there were 13 unclaimed corpses in the last three months in Gaya.

This is the provision

For the cremation of dead bodies, the patient welfare committee has to procure the shroud, flower beads, wood and other materials for the body from the amount given by the amount. In this case, the charge of the funeral is also included. Where cremation is not home, there is a traditional way to be cremated. Well, how much money should be given, it is not decided. The amount is given according to the local situation. Police and hospital administration are jointly responsible for the funeral. Before the funeral, a picture of the deceased is also taken, so that later the information can be made that the person who was cremated has been cremated. The municipal or municipal certificate is required in the funeral.

source – live Hindustan

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