Mayawati – Akhilesh’s alliance divorced – Mayawati said only lone sub-election

Mayawati - Akhilesh's alliance divorced - Mayawati said only lone sub-election

Mayawati – Akhilesh’s alliance divorced – Mayawati said only lone sub-election

The result of the results of the Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh has now started appearing on the alliance. It is now felt that there may be a crack in the alliance of SP and BSP at the time of coming. During a press conference yesterday, Mayawati came forward and said that in the coming election, BSP will contest elections on its own, not with SP. Although he clarified it would not be forever. But in future, SP President succeeds in his political work, then we will work together again. But if not, then it would be better to do our own work alone. In this way, we have decided that we will fight bye election alone.

At the same time, Mayawati disrupted all the Committees except on the District Organization in UP on Monday. In addition, the post of District Incharge and in charge of the Assembly has also been abolished. Instead of restoring the old system, the state has been divided into four sectors. The system of the zone has been revived with the Mandal. BSP supremo had made in-charge in charge of the Lok Sabha elections. With this, the assembly in charge was also made with the district. Mayawati dissolved all the committees excepting the district organization in the meeting held in Delhi on Monday. Said that there is no need for Zone Incharge now. That is why the old system is being restored again. He restored the old system and divided the state into four sectors. It consists of five parts in three parts and three in one division. At the same time, the responsibility of leaders has been divided in order to strengthen the organization.

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