Who will rule in Sasaram? Meera Kumar or Chhedi Paswan

Who will rule in Sasaram Meera Kumar or Chhedi Paswan

Who will rule in Sasaram? Meera Kumar or Chhedi Paswan

Babu Jagjivan Ram and Sasaram, who started their political life from Calcutta, have been synonymous with each other. Congress’s Sasaram seat has been traditional. Today, in front of Meera Kumar, there is a big challenge to save the legacy of his father Babu Jagjivan Ram.
This place, along with the birthplace of Sher Shah Suri, has a very special place in the pages of politics besides the history. Sasaram parliamentary seat is safe. Like this last Lok Sabha election in the last Lok Sabha elections, the direct contest between Congress candidate Meera Kumar and the NDA is between BJP candidate Chhedi Paswan.

However, in total, 13 candidates are strongly involved in ensuring their claim between field voters in the elections. Let’s say that the process of voting in the final and seventh phase of Sasaram is to be held on 19th May. Speaking of the upper class in Sasaram, Brahmins and Rajputs are the highest, but the majority of the voters in Sasaram have Dalit voters.

In the Dalits, the people of Meera Kumar come from the “Ravidason” lobby is at number one. If talk of Chhedi Paswan’s caste “Paswan”, then he is showing his participation in Sajaram from second to the grand celebration of this democracy.

If you talk about the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, then BJP candidate Chhedi Paswan has won more than fifty thousand votes from Meera Kumar’s votes. Paswan got 366087 votes (43.23 percent).

Veteran candidate Meera Kumar who got 302760 votes, BJP candidate Chhedi Paswan defeated a whopping 366087 votes. It will be seen whether this time Meera Kumar does something to save her father’s legacy, and Chhedi can not stop Paswan’s Vijay-chariot.

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