Why Polythene Ban in Bihar || Polythene Will be Ban from 25 Oct

why polythene ban in Bihar

Why Polythene Ban in Bihar || Polythene Will be Ban from 25 Oct

Patna:Why Polythene Ban in Bihar ? A notification has been issued for ban On the use of plastic carry bags in Bihar. October 25 will ban the use of carry-on bags of every type. The Government has taken the decision on the Patna High Court order.

Earlier the ban on the Patna High Court directive was supposed to be from September 24 but the government took a month of preparation for the preparations. The Ministry of Environment and Forests has issued its notification. According to the notification, the Polythene is a five-year prison and a Rs 1 lakh penalty for production or repeated use. Only 50 microns but not all types of carry bags are placed within its purview. The Government, however, has also given a deferment of 60 days to finished the ever-up stock. The penalty process will begin on the use of Polythene from 15th December.

At Ban, only plastic carry bags have been restricted while the use of Bio West for storage and storage will not impose a ban on Carrie’s bags of more than 50 microns. As well as packaging of all types of food and other substances, the bags used to grow milk and plants will also remain free from this restriction.

Earlier, the state Government had assured the court that a notification would be issued for the full ban after creating the necessary manuals. Further, the Government also informed the court that the full ban of polythene in the cities from October 25 onwards in the state’s rural areas will also take full ban on it. Polyethylene will not be used in villages after one month of the cities.

The first full ban on polythene in Bihar from September 24 to deadline was given on behalf of the Patna High Court but the state government said it was not fully prepared for it. So the state Government itself has set the date of October 25 to the urban areas of Bihar to be polythene-free.

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