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How to pass nios exams

How to pass nios exams ?? 


[NIOS- National Institute Of Open Schooling]

It's really easy to pass the examination conducted by the National Institue Of Open Schooling, it's all need a little hardwork, a little smartness and more that i will tell you guys in this little blog.

Look if you follow my instructions carefully there is no doubt that anyone out there gonna stop you to pass out from the exams conducted by the NIOS and take the pass out certificate without loosing any more academic year. So, keep in mind this instruction given by me really works good and believe me i'm not here to just waste out your time and make fun of you, because i have also passed out from the same board when i got rusticated after failing twice in grade 11th from a good public school in Delhi (don't want to disclose its name) and better know all the hard situation faced by a student throughout the academic season until he/she get passed out from the board....so, guys trust me i can help you getting out of the situation and if you follow my simple tricks you will pass out the board examination easily for sure and that's my promise....

1. The first thing you should take care while joining NIOS is that, not to take any of the hard subjects except if you have any other plan to join Medical/bTech colleges or else kind of courses later......because what really matters is your certificate of class 12th and after passing 12th there is no one to stop you to take admission in other regular colleges ( like from any of those DU colleges, to IP or any other). So, take a right decision to select the subjects and don't make it more harder by choosing difficult one. It's really useless to get tension of the subjects which are difficult to pass, subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Accounts are checked very tightly, it's really tough and please choose as many subjects as you can and select the most easiest one, the subjects in which you just have to explain not more than it.

2.The second thing you should take care is don't rely over any of the frauds teachers claiming that they will just make you pass out simply by joining their coaching centers because most of the teachers appointed at the various centers are really seeking to make profit by increasing the number of their students at their personal tuition centers, and if you trust them then they will just make you victim and take monthly tuition fee around (Rs. 300-Rs. 800) according to the kind of frauds you get. So, to rely them is just to waste your monthly tuition fees.

3. Rather than attending the personal tuition center it's better go to the center you have been appointed on Sunday and grab the necessary knowledge as much as you can, well in first two three classes only you will able to distinguish the character of the teacher whether he is greedy or not. However, if you are lucky then you will find some good teachers, which are really rare to find. 

4. Try to find out previous year question paper from any student who had appeared for the exams or else go the market and find the guides which contains the previous year question papers if you make some little more effort then i can't say that you may also find old question paper collection, though i didn't found any(well it was many years back that i had tried), may be nowadays you may get some question banks available in the market, and try to find out the pattern of the question paper and do practice following the same manner, it really works.  

5. Now moving to the most IMPORTANT point, which is a best trick, most of the papers are rarely checked thoroughly so try to make your answer look lengthier and believe me it's the trick that really works, the more lengthier is your answer the more marks you may get.

So, apply these all instruction and i'm sure you will soon get pass out of the board.
Best of Luck to you all for any more querries do write me, i will always try to help you people.



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