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Bhikhari Thakur

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Bhikari Thakur (Devanagari: भिखारी ठाकुर; Nastaʿlīq: بھکھڑی ٹھاکر; About this sound listen ) was an Indian playwright, lyricist, actor, folk dancerfolk singer and social activist in Bhojpuri language popularly known as the "Shakespeare of Bhojpuri".[1] Thakur was born in a barber-family on 18 December 1887 in a village named Kutubpur (Diyara), Saran District, Bihar, India. His father and mother were Dal Singar Thakur and Shivkali Devi respectively. He had a younger brother named Bahor Thakur, hid elder son and many coleguse are still alive named as- Bada ram chandra,Lakhi Chandra Manji, Ram Chandra Manji,Gopal Prasad and Kishun Dev Sharma .
Bhikhari Thakur
Born18 December 1887
Kutubpur (Diyara), Saran district, Bihar, India
Died10 July 1971 (aged 83)
OccupationPlaywright, lyricist, actor, Folk DancerFolk singer, Social Activist
Notable worksBidesiyaBeti-BechwaBhai-BirodKalyuga PremRadhesyam BeharGanga-AsnanBidwa-BilapPutrabadhGobar-Ghichor
He travelled to Kharagpur to earn a livelihood. Here he made money, but was unsatisfied with the job. A Ramlila aficionado, he then travelled to Jagannath Puri as he had heard that the pilgrimage city organises some of the best Ramlila plays.
He put together a play group at his native village and began to perform Ramlila, songs recitals and took an interest in social works. He started writing dramas, songs and novels etc. The language of the books was simple and attracted many. The books were published from VaranasiChhapra and Howrah.
His literary creations including dramas (Bidesiya, Beti-Bechawa, Bidhawa-Bilaap etc.) and songs continue to be appreciated and performed even today. He died at the age of 83 on 10 July 1971. Upcoming Hindi Film Chaarfutiya Chhokare directed by Manish Harishankar dedicates its one song 'Kaun Si Nagariya' to his work that is based on his one of the song of Beti-Bechawa. Bihar Kokila Sharda Sinha has sung the song.

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