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Prime minister boosts morale by feeling emotional after failure

Prime minister boosts morale by feeling emotional after failure

Chandrayaan-2 lost contact just before landing on the moon and scientists were disturbed. ISRO scientists had united day and night to make the mission Chandrayaan-2 a success. He spent many nights awake. Many scientists did not even go to their home for several days. Today the whole country is saluting him. ISRO scientists have given much to the country.

At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has encouraged the scientists and he also addressed the country from the control center of ISRO. The Prime Minister said that we will definitely succeed. Success will also be with us in the next attempt of this mission and in every subsequent attempt. The PM said that every difficulty, every struggle, every difficulty, goes by teaching us something new, inspires for some new inventions, new technology and that determines our future success. If someone is the greatest teacher of knowledge, then it is science. Science is not a failure, only experiments and efforts.
I also salute the family of all space scientists. His silent but very important support was with you. We may fail, but it will not reduce our enthusiasm and energy. We will then move forward with full potential. These are the people who hoisted the flag of India on Mars in their first attempt. Earlier, no such achievement was named in the world. Our Chandrayaan gave the world important information about water on the moon.
Every experiment in science reminds us of our boundless courage. The result of Chandrayaan-2's final halt was not up to our expectations, but the entire journey has been spectacular. I want to tell my scientists that India is with you. You are all great professionals who have given their entire life for the progress of the country and have given many opportunities for the country to smile and be proud. You are not people who streak on butter, they are people who streak on stones. Friends, I understood your mood last night. Your eyes used to say a lot. I could read the sadness of your face. I did not stay long between you. You have not slept for many nights. Even then, I felt that once in the morning I would call you again. Talk to you Everyone associated with this mission was in a different state, there were many questions. Proceeded with great success. Suddenly everything has stopped appearing. I too have lived that moment with you.

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