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Supriya of Patna will represent India in Indonesia's world class event

Supriya of Patna will represent India in Indonesia's world class event

Those with strong will make their own way, they do not have to be fascinated by time or situation, and the perfect example of this is Patna's Supriya Singh. You must have heard the name of Model United Nation at school college. Many children take part in it, get their name certificate and then forget it. Supriya Singh also took part in this competition, but like others, she did not consider it just a competition.

The result of his persistence is that he has been chosen as India's representative in the model United Nation to be held at the world level in Asia. The event will be held in Bali, Indonesia from 13 to 16 November. The best representative in this program will be honored by the President
Supriya has completed her schooling from Krishna Niketan in Patna. SHe later graduated in History from Patna Women's College. She was active in many activities beyond her college days. Apart from participating in dance music, she was also a member of NCC. With this, he got second place in the entire university in graduation. She is currently preparing for administrative services by staying in Delhi.

Supriya's achievements and dreams are huge according to her age, but her path to reach here was not so easy. She is the youngest of 5 siblings. She was the closest to her father at home. The mountain of sorrows broke on him when his father said goodbye to the world in March this year due to a heart attack. Supriya says that her father wanted her to go to administrative services. Supriya was also interested in diplomacy, so he made efforts in this field as well and today the result is in front of you all. By being selected as a representative in the Bali program, Supriya has illuminated not only the name of her parents but also the whole of Bihar. We hope that she will do her best there and will return only with an award from the President.

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