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Unique initiative of Indian Railways now Announcement at stations in Maithili

Unique initiative of Indian Railways now Announcement at stations in Maithili

In all the railway stations of Mithilanchal in Bihar, passengers will now be informed about the trains going to the inquiry centers not only in Maithili language but also announcement in this local language. Currently, it has already been started at four railway stations of Samastipur Railway Division. Birendra Kumar, Senior Commercial Manager (DCM), Samastipur Railway Division, said on Wednesday that announcements are being made in Darbhanga, Jayanagar, Madhubani and Sakri stations in Hindi as well as Maithili. He said that for this, necessary instructions have been given to all the station superintendents and station masters.

 "There was a demand of the people of the region", he said, adding that all railway stations of Mithilanchal will be announced in Maithili language. The concerned stations have also been instructed to ensure that the announcement in Maithili continues. Kumar said that for a long time there was this demand of the people of this region, which has been met, in future if the demand for making such a proclamation will also be considered at other stations. 

Here, the people of Mithilanchal have welcomed this decision of the Railways. 'Welcome is the verdict' Vidyapati Seva Sansthan general secretary Dr. Baidyanath Chaudhary Baiju said that due to the fulfillment of the pending demand for announcement of information at these stations in Maithili, arrival and departure from these stations to their destination Passengers will be comfortable. Here, Manikant Jha, who is associated with the institute and litterateur, said that this decision is welcome, but it should be ensured that it is permanent. He said that this decision is a matter of pride for the Mithila dwellers. 'The working class will also have the facility' Jha said that such facilities should be available at all the stations in Mithilanchal. He said that a large number of working class people from this region go to other areas, who do not have knowledge of language other than regional language, which will be very convenient.

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