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Uncle got seduced by Tantrik, gave nephew of 12-year-old nephew

Uncle got seduced by Tantrik, gave nephew of 12-year-old nephew

In Vinoba Tola of Pirpanti, Shivanandan Das sacrificed his nephew Kanhaiya Kumar (12). Kanhaiya was the son of Sikandar Das. Locals said that Shivanandan Das had no child of his own. A tantric had asked him to offer a male sacrifice to a child on the night of Diwali.

In the words of the tantric, Shivanandan took the market on Sunday night under the pretext of getting firecrackers to his nephew and sacrificed him in bamboo bitti near his village. Everyone came to know about the incident in the morning. According to information, Shivanandan Das of Vinova Tola of Pirpainti police station had no children. For this reason, they performed two weddings. But even then he did not get children. Shivanandan also had epilepsy, which he was treating by a tantric of the village.

In the same sequence, the tantrik told Shivanandan that if he sacrifices the child of a relative, then he will get children and at the same time the disease of epilepsy will also end. Adhering to the tantrik, Shivanandan called Kanhaiya Kumar, son of Sikandar Das and Meena Devi, on Diwali night on Sunday. At that time Kanhaiya was preparing to play the hookah of his house. Kanhaiya was a third grade student. Shivanandan said that let's get you cracker. His mother Meena Devi was also there at that time.

Shivanandan went away with the child. When Kanhaiya did not return till late night, his mother researched a lot. But nothing was found. Finally in the morning, the villagers saw Kanhaiya's head severed corpse in the busbitti in front of the house. At the same place a pumpkin was also sliced. According to the villagers, it appeared that pumpkin was sacrificed first, then Kanhaiya.
Sikander Das, father of the deceased Kanhaiya, is a laborer in Punjab. At the same time, Kanhaiya's elder brother Krishna also worked with his father. Kanhaiya was the youngest. Kanhaiya, Kanhaiya's mother Meena Devi and another son of Meena Devi lived in the house.

The incident was reported to Pirpainti police station on Monday. SDPO Dr. Reshu Krishna also reached there. Police sent the body to Bhagalpur for post-mortem.
Police said that Shivanandan Das alias Siva sacrificed his nephew Kanhaiya (10 years) in a relationship on Sunday night after he came under the guise of a hypocrite for procuring children in Vinova Tola of Pirpainti area. Kanhaiya was the son of Sikandar Ravidas. After the incident, the police took action and arrested the accused Tantrik Vilas Mandal alias Oughdar Baba and the accused uncle Shivanandan Das. SSP Ashish Bharti told that they are looking into the matter themselves. The accused will be charged on time and will be punished by running a speedy trial.
The sacrificial incident took place at a distance of fifty feet from the dead house, with bamboo bitta. When Kanhaiya did not return home at night, his family started looking for him here and there. After searching overnight, Kishore's body was found in Bamboo Bitta in the morning. On receiving the information, Peerapanti Police Stationer Rakesh Kumar arrived at the scene to investigate. According to local people, Shivanandan Das has done two marriages. He had a second marriage with no children from the first wife. But no child was born to him as well. She was not having children for 12 years. That's when he came in contact with Tantrik Vilas Mandal.

The tantrik told Shivanandan that if Kartik sacrifices a relative's child on the night of Amavas, then his wife will be pregnant and he will get child happiness. Admitting to the tantric, Shivanandan took Kanhaiya out of the house on the pretext of getting firecrackers on Diwali night. The moment Kanhaiya came out, his mother was there. He is a student of third. On not returning home at night, when Kanhaiya's mother and other family members reached Shivanandan, he said that he was sent home after getting the firecracker. The family then became more worried.

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