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आप हमारे ब्लॉग पर बिहार से जुड़े खबर पढ़ सकते है !, आप भी हमें खबर भेज सकते है !| आप इस ब्लॉग पर अपने विचार स्वतंत्र रूप से रखे हम पाठको के साथ शेयर करेंगे ।

Daily Bihar today updated news of all districts video in Hindi.Get latest news of Patna,Madhubani

Daily Bihar today updated news of all districts video in Hindi.Get latest news of Patna,Madhubani

1. Simultala preliminary examination results continue
2. Trains will run on #PipaBridge soon
People are now hoping to get rid of the long queues on Gandhi Setu. This is because the construction of the 4 Pipa Bridge being constructed on the Ganges river has ended. After which, the movement of vehicles on these bridges is being expected from 20 November. The construction of the Pipa Bridge will get rid of the jam as well as the pressure of the vehicles on #GandhiSetu will also be reduced.
3. Rajasthan High Court removes bumper vacancies for the post of Peon and Driver of Group D
4. JDU tightens its back for #PatnaUniversityelection
5. Now let us know about the famous actress of Bihar
Today, in this segment, we will talk about Pooja Mishra, who has worked in TV as well as Bollywood, and has illuminated the name of Bihar with his name. Pooja Mishra is originally a resident of Bihar. Pooja was born in Munger district of Bihar. Pooja also did her early studies from Bihar. After which Pooja moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in modeling. Pooja has also worked in many reality shows. Even Pooja was a contestant in the TV show Bigg Boss Season 5. Pooja Mishra is known by the name of the Controversial Queen in the industry.

6. Purnia bagged Rs 385 crore schemes
7. Education system is being maintained in Bihar
8. Duty of personnel to be engaged in #PAXelection
9. Attracted doing colorful jewelery made of yarn in trade fair
10. Feet can spread in the next four days
11. Getting the house map passed and difficult
If any of you are going to build a house or are thinking of getting it built, then this news is very important for you. Because it is now more difficult to pass the house map. The government has now become aware of the recent rains and now wants to take special care on every front. After this, now the Patna Municipal Corporation will pass the map of the house in those areas where facilities like road, electricity, water and sewerage are correct. The same corporation will not pass the map of the house in those areas where basic facilities also have to face many difficulties.

12. Electricity can be expensive in Bihar
Expect to be dealt another blow on the pocket of ordinary citizens soon. Because the electricity department is considering a 3 percent increase in electricity rates. Tell you, the power companies have submitted a proposal to increase the electricity rates to a maximum of 3%, with the Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission. The decision on which will be taken in view of the opinion of all the parties. If the rates increase, these new rates will be implemented from April 2020.

13. #NitishKumar announcement about Gandhi Sadan
14. SP of Nawada will get Sonpur Award
15. Tunnel to be 7 feet below Patna Museum
16. People visiting Lakhisarai must visit these tourist places
People visiting Lakhisarai should not forget to visit these famous places. Ashok Dham temple, Jalappa place, Shringi Rishi, Maa Durga place, Abhayanath place, Pokharama, Govind Baba's place must be visited. To travel from Patna to Lakhisarai, the passengers traveling by their own train will have to travel for about 3 to 3½ hours, while the passengers traveling by train will also have to travel for about 3 to 3½ hours. The distance from Patna to Lakhisarai By Road is 134.4 km from NH33.

17. Shakibul brilliant innings gave Bihar another victory to its name
18. Committee formed for the Jal Jeevan Hariyali campaign
19. #Panchayat plans are being monitored online
20. Nitish will be the election face in the assembly elections
21. Large vehicles movement stopped from Koilwar bridge
22. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will make people aware of environment
23. Now let us know what were the prices of gold rate and petrol,diesel rate in bihar
If we talk about the bullion market, the price of gold on November 16 was Rs 3741 per gram for 22 carats while Rs 3841 per gram for 24 carats. On the other hand, if we talk about silver, the price of silver was Rs 48,500 per kg. Apart from this, the price of petrol in the capital Patna was Rs 79.62 per liter. Diesel was Rs 71.28 per liter.

24. Mayank Agarwal most successful batsman of the year
From the Indian team, #MayankAgarwal is seen playing the 8th Test match of his career. Where he scored a second double century in his 12th innings also surpassed Don Bradman in the matter of scoring two double centuries in the lowest innings. Let us tell you that Bradman did this feat by scoring a double century in his 13th innings.

25. Now let's know the weather conditions
26. Sushil Modi said his honor without naming RJD
Shahnawaz Hussain said on the demand for ordination committee on 27

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