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आप हमारे ब्लॉग पर बिहार से जुड़े खबर पढ़ सकते है !, आप भी हमें खबर भेज सकते है !| आप इस ब्लॉग पर अपने विचार स्वतंत्र रूप से रखे हम पाठको के साथ शेयर करेंगे ।

Daily Bihar today updated news of all districts video in Hindi.Get lates...

Daily Bihar today updated news of all districts video in Hindi.Get lates...

1. Know CNG will be available at these places in Patna 3 more new #CNGstationpatna will be started in Patna next month. At the same time, 3 more new CNG stations will be launched in March next year. Where the debate on the establishment of new CNG station was decided. 2. Metric Intermediate Examination Program Announced 3. Implemented with ethics in Patna University 4. Government will buy paddy from farmers 5. Sanoj honored by the Collector 6. This farmer of #Purnia has unique way of farming 7. Chief Minister #NitishKumar came in support of Saryu 8. People visiting #Madhepura must visit these tourist places People visiting Madhepura should not forget to visit these famous places. Singheswar place, Baba Shishu Raut Pachrasi place, Devi Kali temple located in Ramnagar village of Madhepura district. In order to travel from Patna to Madhepura, the passengers traveling by their own train will have to travel for about 7 to 7 and a half hours, while the passengers traveling by train will also have to travel for about 6 to 6 and a half hours, while the scheduled time Is for trains. Otherwise, the passengers traveling by train from another route may have to travel for about 10 to 12 hours. The distance from Patna to Madhepura by road is 282.6 km from NH27. 9. Students will soon get credit card facility Good news for students. Under the student credit card scheme, now all students will be provided #studentcreditcards within the next one month. In order to promote this scheme, officers have also been ordered from the state level to inspire students by going to university and college. Apart from this, the DPOs of all the districts have also been instructed to treat students appropriately. For your information, let us tell you that through this student credit card, students have been given a loan of up to four lakhs for further studies after 12th. 10. To pay for electricity use and money 11. Bihar State Women Commission went online 12. Good news for women. State Women Commission has now started online services. Under which now women will not have to visit the Women Commission office to complain about any problem. Rather, women can register any of their complaints sitting online at home. Let me tell you, now women can easily register their complaints by going to www.mahilaayogbihar.in. 13. Bihar wins the National Championship In the 63rd National Championship, Shreyasi Singh of Bihar has won the women category. 14. #RamchandraPurbe can take command of RJD The command of the Rashtriya Janata Dal can once again be handed over in the hands of Ramchandra Purave, considered loyal to the RJD supremo. If news is believed, Ramchandra Poorve can be crowned for the fifth consecutive time. Let it be known that the process of organizational election in the National Janata Dal is in the last phase. In such a situation, the name of Ramachandra is also natural because his loyalty to the Lalu family, intellectual ability, tolerance, socialist character and social equations are much higher than the other contenders. 15. Now let us know about the famous personality of Bihar Today we will talk about #MaithiliThakur in this segment. Maithili Thakur sings Maithili, Hindi, Bhojpuri songs. Maithili Thakur is originally from Bihar. Maithili was born in Madhubani district of Bihar. Maithili Thakur, who became famous on social media overnight, has been a part of Colors Channel famous reality show Rising Star. Where Maithili had missed the title by owning it by just 2 votes. 16. RJD tightens Ayushman plan backwardness 17. Mahaveer administration will make 69th Foundation Day memorable 18. Bihar BJP President demands 19. Swachhata Abhiyan will remain effective in Bihar 20. Opposition tightens on falling water quality of Ganga river 21. Now let us know what were the prices of bullion market and petrol diesel If we talk about the bullion market, then on November 19, the #priceofgold was Rs 3741 per gram for 22 carats while it was Rs 3841 per gram for 24 carats. At the same time, if we talk about silver, the price of silver was Rs 47,765 per kg. Apart from this, the price of petrol in the capital Patna was Rs 80.04 per liter. Diesel was Rs 71.33 per liter. 22. What is the significance of #pinkball in day-night test match Ever since the day-night Test match has been approved, a new issue has remained home in the minds of the fans and that is the pink ball used in the match. There is also a question in the minds of many people that till today red ball was used in Test matches, so why pink ball for this match. 23. Trailer of film Tanaji released 24. Now let know the weather conditions 25. Now MLC will live in Hitech Housing

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