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How to Get First 1000 Subscribers On Youtube | 2020 Trick

How to Get First 1000 Subscribers On Youtube | 2020 Trick

Hello friends, I am going to tell you today in this blog Chandan Kumar. How can you meet 1000 subscribers for your channel as soon as possible.

 Friends, if you create a YouTube channel, then you are in a hurry to complete a thousand subscribers instantly, in such a way, you get all your family members to subscribe your channel from mobile. Tell your friends, brother, subscribe to my channel. Maybe he can do it too, or friend can also say that he will do it later and he forgets it.

 Suppose if you also get your YouTube channel subscribed by doing this, then how many subscribers will you be able to add? 100-150 or more 500. But here you have to fulfill 1000 subscribers if you want to earn money on YouTube. And with this, 8 thousand hours of video should be watched on your YouTube channel.

If you are thinking that if you get your YouTube channel promoted from October 1 and then complete 1000 subscribers, then you can still be wrong in the future, by doing so, your subscribers will definitely not be seen on the video. Because those who are your channel subscribers, they are not your fans, they belong to the other YouTuber who promoted you.

Now I will tell you the trick so that you can complete the Subscriber quickly. To complete the subscriber on YouTube, you have to put good videos. Do not bet too soon. It takes time to make this good video. But if you are thinking to put more and more videos then you are wrong, you have to upload less videos but it should be best. So see you in Next Blog - Good Day ........ Tech Care

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