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Bihar girl Shivangi becomes first woman pilot of Navy

Bihar girl Shivangi becomes first woman pilot of Navy

Sub-Lieutenant Shivangi looks at the Indian Navy's white Dornier 228 twin turboprop aircraft during a mandatory pre flight check. Satisfied with her inspection, she climbs into the cockpit of the aircraft and takes off. This aircraft is used for general use and surveillance by the Indian Navy. 24-year-old Sub Lieutenant Shivangi is the first female pilot of the Indian Navy and she has created history by doing so

Sub Lieutenant Shivangi was honored with his wings at an event organized on Monday at INS Garuda in Kochi. Please tell that Shivangi has been trained to fly Doriner 228. He is trained by the Indian Naval Air Squadron, the oldest squadron of the Indian Navy. On this occasion, Lt. Shivangi said, "I cannot express my happiness in words." Sitting in the cockpit, Shivangi told NDTV, "My father is a teacher and my grandfather is a farmer." Were. Till date no one in my family has served in the military forces. Whatever I want to do, my family supports me. Be it mechanical engineering or joining the Indian Navy. "A short distance away Shivaji's parents Hari Bhushan and Priyanka were standing on ANS Garuda, who were not getting over the joyous occasion.

Sub-Lieutenant Shivangi within the cockpit completed inspection of the aircraft before taking off. Shivangi told, "My commanding officer said that the plane never sees whether the person flying is a man or a man. That is why I should look at myself as an apprentice and not as if I am a woman or a man. Kulig has received a lot of encouragement. " Shivangi said, "Right now a lot of my training remains. Right now I have to learn Maritime Reconnaissance in Dornier and other roles in the aircraft. After that I will also be trained for P-81 aircraft." Let us know that P-8I is a long range anti submarine and anti surface fighter aircraft. Let me tell you that Lt. Shivangi Dornier will start the operational flying training course INAS 550 in January so that they can get ready before joining the Maritime Reconnaissance Squadron.

He said, "You should keep working hard, trying your best, don't be afraid to fulfill your dreams and keep trying." Let us know that the Dornier 228 is a special kind of aircraft, which has a long range, useful capability in its merits and it can also carry a lot of weight. The special thing is that it shows such tax at a very low cost.

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