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आप हमारे ब्लॉग पर बिहार से जुड़े खबर पढ़ सकते है !, आप भी हमें खबर भेज सकते है !| आप इस ब्लॉग पर अपने विचार स्वतंत्र रूप से रखे हम पाठको के साथ शेयर करेंगे ।

Latest Daily Bihar today news from Bihar districts video in Hindi i.e. 16th December 2019

Latest Daily Bihar today news from Bihar districts video in Hindi i.e. 16th December 2019

2. Successful completion of Oct 2019 3. Bihpur daughter gets President Gold Medal 4. #ChiragPaswan lashed out at central and state government Chirag Paswan, the newly appointed LJP president, has fiercely criticized the central and state governments while addressing a Jarmundi gathering in Jharkhand. Taking a dig at the Central Government in his address, he has said that whichever government is in power, now the government will have to answer. For the safety of women, the government in power must take responsibility. No excuse related to their safety will work now. 5. Deputy Chief Minister #SushilKumarModi calls for making national silt policy 6. Now let us know about the famous personality of Bihar Today we will talk about Rajesh Kumar. Rajesh Kumar, who is popularly known as Rosesh in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, hails from Bihar. He was born on 20 January 1975 in Gaya district of Bihar. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai gave Rajesh an opportunity to make an identity in the world of television. After which Rajesh also got the opportunity to work in many films for his unique style. In films like Super Nani, Student of the Year 2, Rajesh has entertained people a lot with his acting. 7. Fierce shopping on weekends at #SarasMela 8. Ravi Shankar Prasad lashed out at Rahul Gandhi 9. #PatnaMetro gets new chair The chairman has been found for Patna Metro. IAS Shivdas Meena, working as Additional Secretary in the Union Housing and City Affairs Ministry, has been appointed as the chairman of Patna Metro. They have been appointed by the Central Government. He is the permanent chairman for Patna Metro. IAS Shivdas Meena is an officer of Tamil Nadu cadre. He is a 1989 batch Tamil Nadu cadre officer. 10. Congress came into the fray to create a winning strategy in the #BiharAssemblyelections 11. These trains will remain operational from Patna from tomorrow to 31 January 12. The general public can give their opinion on the increase in electricity rate 13. Pipa bridge to be built parallel to #Vikramshilabridge Due to the increasing number of trains on the continuous bridge bridge, the impact of the jam is seen in the 20-point meeting to get rid of people from this jam. The impact of increasing pressure on the bridge on the bridge will reduce, at the same time people will be able to get rid of the jam and there will be a lot of convenience in coming. 14. Now the tricolor flag will increase the pride of Buxar railway station 15. In the new year, zoos will not loose pockets 16. Upendra Kushwaha made a big statement on Prashant Kishore RLSP chief Upendra Kushwaha has termed Prashant Kishore's ongoing resentment stance. He has said that Prashant Kishore is doing all this at the behest of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Actually, Prashant Kishore objected to JDU's support of the Citizenship Amendment Bill a few days ago. Shortly after this, he has met Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and has given the message of being with him again. On which now the opposition statements have intensified. 17. A lot will be seen in #KesariyaBuddhistStupa in East Champaran It is the largest Buddhist stupa in the world, located in Kesariya near Motihari. The height of this Buddhist stupa is 104 feet as a team after the excavation in 1998, believes the search Kikitihaskaron the stupa of regional people the mound on the Archaeological Survey of India officials "King Ben Raza ' I knew that it was built by the Lichchhavis of Vaishali before the Buddha attained nirvana. According to the diary of Hiuen Tsang, who was a Chinese traveler, he also visited this site. Security was | 18. Ravi Shastri praised MS Dhoni Indian cricket team coach Ravi Shastri has given a big statement about MS Dhoni, former captain of the Indian team. He has praised Dhoni and said that Dhoni does not pay attention to the record. When he returns to this ground, he will start afresh. It was a sensible decision to take a break from cricket for a short time. Let me tell you that Dhoni is far away from the field since this year's World Cup. 19. Let's move towards the news of the season 20. Now let us know what were the prices of bullion market and petrol diesel 21.#PatipatniaurWoh performed well at the box office 22. Many trains will remain operational till 1 February 23. Waiting for the road in this village is over 24. Nawada district will receive National #MNREGAAward 25. #PrashantKishore got note of Nitish Kumar 26.Congress responded to Sushil Modi and Giriraj statement

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